Best Dropshipping Companies for 2021

dropshipping Nov 17, 2020

Are you looking to enter into the dropshipping business in 2021? Then, I say you are in for some luck, my friend. In general, the dropshipping business and the eCommerce field have grown larger than proportional in the last few months.

Market research and analytics predict that this trend is sure to follow in the year 2021. So, why not make the best use of it, right? 2021 sees an excellent opportunity for someone interested in the dropshipping business.

Before we delve straight into the matter, I am sure you would be interested to know how it all began.

Dropshipping companies in the 2000s

The internet came into existence in the '90s. However, the concept of eCommerce and online buying took up speed only in the 2000s. Amazon and eBay were the first two companies that revolutionized the way people sell online.

It was in the year 2010 that the idea of dropshipping changed forever! Alibaba was the very first company that brought in the Chinese revolution in dropshipping. Alibaba released AliExpress in 2010 and allowed to connect Chinese suppliers with global drop shippers on their website.

In particular, Alibaba removed language and cultural barriers and made the entire process of sourcing from China easy and convenient for anybody on the internet!

Around this time, the eCommerce giant Shopify also made an entry. Late in 2015, Shopify introduced Oberlo, an app that turned shops into AliExpress dropshipping stores with semi-automation.

Dropshipping in 2020

Dropshipping is a product fulfillment method which works on an exciting business concept. In this method, you don't need to worry about most of the requirements that are quite complex in a traditional retail concept.

  • No physical inventory
  • No warehouses to stock the goods
  • Large investment to start with the business
  • No hassles of packaging and shipping goods

As you can see, there are many advantages to having a Dropshipping business. When a customer places an order for a product on your Shopify Dropshipping store, you can get the item shipped directly from the supplier to your customer. The work will bear your logo or brand name.

I can't merely stop reiterating how convenient this concept is for you compared to other eCommerce business owners.

In the innovative concept of dropshipping, what you ideally need are:

  • A Shopify Dropshipping store (or an online store built from any other eCommerce platform)
  • A trustworthy dropshipping company/ supplier

Setting up an online eCommerce store is not much of an issue these days, thanks to the incredible technology and tools available currently.  However, finding reliable dropshipping partners or companies are indeed a herculean task.

Now, I don't want to sound petrified, but this is essentially one of the top challenges that you could face while drop shipping in 2021. But don't you worry. I have got just the right tips to keep you on track. So let's get started and find the right dropshipping company for you.

How to find drop shipping companies in 2021?

I know it doesn't feel comfortable to know whom to trust in business. An excellent dropshipping company peculiarly caters to the retailers' needs and carries each transaction with utmost genuineness and responsibility.

But, if you are a newbie in the field of dropshipping, you might wonder as to how to locate dropshipping companies in 2021!

Here are some of the ways to try to land upon suitable drop shipping companies:

  • Searching the internet

The internet is a great source to search for dropshipping companies that could benefit you. However, many less experienced eCommerce companies charge hefty membership fees. You might want to steer clear of them while on the hunt. Some wholesale companies may appear to be outdated and may look like they sell less than they appear too. These sites may be legal and can be the right dropshipping suppliers as well.

  • Make phone calls

When you find a dropshipping supplier on the internet or hear from another person, you will have to check if they are legitimate first. You can pick up the phone and speak to them directly. Moreover, you can call manufacturers to check which wholesalers they work with.

  • Third-party platforms

Many platforms act as a middle man to connect drop shipping companies with retailers like you. These online product sourcing platforms are authentic and can be trusted. Some of the examples are Doba and Worldwidelabel. Some directories provide information on legitimate dropshipping companies.

  • Discover who the competitors are working with

Do you find that your rival eCommerce store sells a product that you wish to sell on your Shopify store? Order from them and check who the dropshipping company is that they are dealing with. I know it sounds a bit kinky, but it is all fair in the business world, isn't it?

So, now you know where to look for dropshipping suppliers or dropshipping companies. But do you know what to look for in them? Here is what you need to know.

What to look for in a dropshipping company?

The quality of the dropshipping company ultimately decides the quality of your Shopify Dropshipping business. So, you must understand the attributes to look for in an excellent dropshipping company in 2021.

Here are some questions that you should be asking the dropshipping companies before hiring them:

  • How quickly can you deliver the goods?

The delivery time for any eCommerce time is significant. Ideally, customers expect their orders to be shipped within the least minimum time. So, always check with the dropshipping company to know that it won't take them forever to send the goods.

  • How is the order packed?

As the face of your Shopify Dropshipping store, you have to know how well the products are being shipped to your customers. The box must be marked with the company name and should be packaged in the right quality boxes. Also, ensure that the dropshipping company promises to deliver safely and without any damage.

  • How good is your customer service performance?

In case of any unfortunate event, or in times of clearing simple queries, you might have to keep in touch with the dropshipping company. So, always check if they respond promptly. Also, make sure that they have information and an invoice for tracking. They should also promise to give refunds for defective goods and returns.

  • What are your terms of pricing and discounts?

It would help if you had to negotiate upfront for quality discounts, as this will help you determine the price of the goods in your store. Also, there could be instances when dropshipping companies change their prices. Always make sure to check with the dropshipping supplier for such cases.

Now that we have an idea of what to look for in dropshipping companies in 2021 let's get to the real deal. Yes, the best dropshipping companies for 2021! I have compiled a list of the top 5 drop shipping companies for 2021 based on positive reviews from retailers and the companies' performance.

What are the best dropshipping companies in 2021?

1. AliExpress

If you are getting started with dropshipping in 2021, you might have to consider AliExpress, the most popular dropshipping company strongly. They are user-friendly and help you ensure the most significant opportunity to succeed in the dropshipping business.

AliExpress is the right choice for a dropshipping company in 2021 because:

  • Their multilingual sites are easy to navigate through and communicate.
  • They have easy access to mobile applications supporting android and apple phones. This helps you to work while on the go.
  • They have an exclusive option called ePacket, a premium shopping option to deliver within 1 to 2 weeks with warehouses throughout Asia, Europe, and the US.
  • They have suppliers with 100 Million+ products and are familiar with dropshipping, and understand your needs.
  • They accept payment through various options, including PayPal.
  • The Auto DS auto finder helps in fast and easy listing and automation of goods.
  • Alitools chrome extension helps in searching for specific niche or categories.

2. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a powerhouse eCommerce platform that dropships and distributes to over 300,000+ global sellers. They are considered a quick and easy avenue to start your online dropshipping business as it operates with over 400 logistics channels and connects more than 200 countries and regions.

  • While shipping directly from Chinabrands to your customer, you will be able to net a 50% profit.
  • They have the fastest delivery times in the market and have 40+ worldwide warehouses.
  • They are fully integrated with Auto DS as an official partner.
  • They support multi language descriptions.
  • Auto DS chrome extension enables hot selling, clearance, and new arrival sections.
  • They allow you to contact customers by phone, mail, and even social media. There is an option for "Pre" or "Post" sale consultation.
  • Supports payment through PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and CB Wallet.

3. Banggood

This dropshipping company does not charge a membership fee for their dropshipping program. There is instead a particular dropship contract for all Auto DS members. Upon contacting them, you will be provided with a certificate for dropshipping with Banggood.

  • Most of the warehouses are in China, but some are also in the US and Asia, Europe, Australia, and other parts of North America.
  • Offers a 5-20% discount on drop shippers' listed prices with no minimum order quantity requirements.
  • Mobile application and a review club
  • You can remove the Banggood logo from the shipping package by merely with a click during checkout.
  • They offer buyer protection and also provide Payment options, including from PayPal.
  • Banggood customer support can be reached through Facebook messenger, email, phone, or live chat.
  • Auto DS helper tool helps to grab whole pages of items into a CSV file to bulk list categories.

4. Costway

This is one of the top dropshipping companies in the US and UK.  They are aiming towards exceeding customer expectations with ultra-low prices. Costway entered the business only in 2009 and started its online store in 2015.

Nonetheless, this drop shipping company now does an excess of more than 1 million sales in a day.

  • They have amassed nine large warehouses around the world in the US, UK, and DE.
  • Apart from thousands of products from other manufacturers, Costway also has 8000+ self-branded products.
  • They have a fast, reliable shipping process with no invoices in the packaging.
  • They provide an official drop shipping agreement that permits you to sell their products on eCommerce sites such as eBay. This helps to prevent Vero violations.
  • They offer an actual authorization certificate to sell products.
  • Their 60-day return policy eBay algorithm, also known as "Cassini" loves, is a unique and distinctive feature in the dropshipping market.
  • Standard shipping is always free with one to two-day handling.
  • Their membership program helps you to earn more points and boost profits by making points.

5. Wayfair

If you own or are thinking of starting a Shopify Dropshipping store that sells niche products, then this dropshipping company is for you! They have over 14 million products in the home goods category alone.

  • They offer free standard shipping for orders over $49. But if you are a member of their MyWay program for $29, then you can always enjoy free shipping.
  • They encourage company employees to donate time and money to NGOs. So, this dropshipping company is serious about their return to the community and has positive intentions.
  • It is possible to set up return policies with 30 days return. However, clearance items and a select few others are non-refundable.
  • They accept all the standard forms of payment, including credit cards and also PayPal and gift cards.
  • Auto DS Helper Tool chrome extension helps grab entire pages of items and extract to a CSV file. This is an excellent way to list in bulk from niche categories.

Final words:

Dropshipping finds a great scope in 2021. However, one of the crucial factors in your business's success lies in selecting the right dropshipping company. So, ensure to do it right to reap the maximum benefits from dropshipping.



Experienced dropshipper with significant success and valuable failures! Here to share all my expensive dropshipping learnings, experiences and fun facts. I'll be dropping value packs here every week!

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