Best Dropshipping Suppliers for 2021

dropshipping suppliers Mar 2, 2021

This is the number one question for anyone getting into the dropshipping world!

Where can I find the best dropshipping supplier who has an extensive and high quality product catalog, is reliable and can ship goods quickly to my customers.

After testing out different dropshipping suppliers and going through some serious challenges, I'm here to recommend the best dropshipping suppliers that will set you up for success. A few of these might seem like hidden golden nuggets and I'm sure they will help you a lot.

All the below dropshipping suppliers are compatible with Shopify platform which comes handy.

1. CJDropshipping

Based in China, CJDropshipping is a dropshipping supplier founded in the year 2000 and has come a long way since then in terms of the number of products it features, shipping time and customer service. When I initially came across CJDropshipping, I was really surprised looking at it's shipping time and wasn't sure if it was for real.


But, when I signed up for CJ and started using on my Shopify dropshipping stores, I was amazed at how quickly they shipped out to the US, UK, Australia, Canada and many other high volume countries across the world in less than 10 days time.

Another great news is that CJDropshipping app is completely free to use on Shopify. I strongly recommend this one to provide better shipping times to your customers.

When compared to AliExpress, CJDropshipping might not have a vast range of product collection but still it does have a good range of common and unique products you can list on your dropshipping store.

CJDropshipping Products Page

There are a good number of shipping options when sourcing with CJDropshipping. Also, in some cases you might observe that the product you are selling is available in their US warehouse which brings down the shipping time even more.

CJDropshipping Shipping Options

Another impressive part about CJ is that they have their own line of dedicated shipping to some popular countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc.

You can find them by looking at the Shipping method title which includes the country name. For example - 'CJPacket US'

For urgent orders, they do provide expedited delivery options from courier partners like Fedex, DHL etc.

Bonus - If you can't find a product you are looking for on CJDropshipping, you can request them to source it for you and they'll arrange it for you which is awesome. You can share the AliExpress link with the CJ team and they will source and ship it for you.

2. Spocket

Spocket is another great dropshipping supplier company known for it's US/EU based suppliers. The biggest issue most of the dropshippers face on a daily basis is the shipping time. It has a great impact on customer experience especially in the days where everyone are used to 1 to 2 day delivery through Amazon Prime.

It's important to ensure not only you deliver a great product but also see that it reaches your customers as soon as possible.

Spocket Product Catalog

I feel Spocket is quite helpful in terms of the supplier location who are based out of US & EU. This is a big deal as you'll get super fast deliveries compared to other China based dropshipping suppliers.

Although I feel they are short on the product collection, I believe they will eventually get there as they keep adding new products regularly. We never know, you might find your favorite product on Spocket from a US based supplier and that's a great way to scale and sustain your business in the long term.

One more feature I like in Spocket is the best selling icon that you can find on the bottom right of the product image. These are top performing products that are selling well on other stores who are using Spocket as their dropshipping supplier. These kind of products are a good bet and you can start selling them on your Shopify dropshipping store to make the most out of them without having to do extensive product research.

Spocket's Best Sellers

Although Spocket is not a free dropshipping supplier, it does offer a free 14-day trial.

Spocket's Pricing Plans

I'd recommend starting out with the first plan at 24$/month and see if this is something you would like to continue using for your dropshipping store. If your customers are based in the US or EU, I'm sure they'll love the product quality and shipping times Spocket has to offer.

Pro Tip

In Spocket's Starter plan, make sure not to pick every product you see as you have a 25 product import limit. Instead, I'd recommend you pick some unique and trending best sellers to have a higher chance of success.

3. AliDropship

AliDropship is a dropshipping supplier for AliExpress and will suit well for dropshippers who want to source products from AliExpress,

AliDropship (AliExpress Dropshipping Solution)

AliDropship is compatible with WordPress, Shopify & WooCommerce. They do provide great dropshipping solutions like for example the ones you see in the above image where you can create your dropshipping store using their plugin directly or let me create a dropshipping store for you from scratch.

AliDropship App on Shopify

You don't have to pay a monthly subscription to use AliDropship like other dropshipping suppliers but a one time fee of 89$. Alternatively, you can order a custom store built from scratch by the AliDropship team for 300$ which is a good deal especially if you are new to the dropshipping world.

AliDropship Plugin

There are a great number of features especially for dropshippers selling products from AliExpress like a one click import of AliExpress reviews and a database of 50,000+ top performing products.

Please be aware that most of the products on AliExpress have a long shipping time which might not impress your customers. You can talk to your suppliers directly on AliExpress and see if they can provide you with a dedicated shipping line to reduce the shipping times.

4. Oberlo

Oberlo is a Shopify owned dropshipping suppplier that has millions of products from suppliers across the globe.

How Dropshipping works with Oberlo?

Having sold more than 100 million products, Oberlo is definitely a reliable and quality dropshipping supplier. Not just that but they provide a complete suite of dropshipping solutions like Store building solutions, Dropshipping courses, Best products to sell and much more.

Oberlo Trending Products
Discover Oberlo Trending Products to Sell on Your Online Store
Our experts have done all the heavy lifting for you by finding trending products to dropship. Keep ahead of your competitors with Oberlo

Oberlo does have a free pricing plan where you can import up to 500 products to your dropshipping store. There is a little difference in terms of value between the free plan and the first paid plan 'Grad'. Grad plan provides you with the trending products backed by Oberlo's sales data which is beneficial.

Oberlo's Pricing Plans

Once you start building your dropshipping store on Shopify and see some amount of success, you can then move up to the higher 'Boss' plan that lets you experience the complete Oberlo solution without any restrictions.

One other thing I like about Oberlo is their user's success stories. There are lots of starter stories as well as large scale dropshipping success stories to motivate you every day.

These are very much important than we think as dropshippers in the beginning tend to quit a lot due to some challenges. But, the secret of success is to never give up!

Starter Stories | Learn What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur | Oberlo
It takes guts and hard work to be an entrepreneur. Listen to real-life stories about people who nailed it, and what you need to start your first business.

5. Modalyst

Modalyst is another dropshipping supplier company that is closely tied up with private brands like Calvin Klein, D&G, and other popular brands along with print on demand companies and suppliers across the world to provide dropshippers with high quality products.


You can use Modalyst on Shopify, BigCommerce and Wix where you can import products in seconds and also their automation is quite impressive. This saves you a lot of time when fulfilling orders as you don't have to process each order manually.

You can start for free with Modalyst that allows you to import upto 25 products but doesn't give you access to their premium dropshipping suppliers though. It's worth noting that irrespective of the plan you choose, you'll end up paying 5% of the transaction fee for every order.

Modalyst Pricing Plans

Modalyst does support B2B wholesale transactions as well in case you decide to bulk order one of your best sellers to increase your overall profit margins and have more control on the inventory.

Most impressive feature of Modalyst is it's automation. Be it product pricing, stock alerts, fulfillment notification, or intelligent order processing, Modalyst does lead the way there for other dropshipping suppliers across the globe.

Similar to Spocket, Modalyst does have US, EU & Australia based suppliers whom you can use to ship products faster to your customers living in these regions.

Modalyst's Product Collection

Modalyst focuses on unique luxury and fashion items from popular brands and dropshipping suppliers across the world that will give your dropshipping store a competitive advantage over others.

Things to consider before choosing a dropshipping supplier

1. Product Catalog

Often times you end up on a dropshipping supplier website thinking you found the best one out there but it turns out that the product you are looking for is not available.

Don't worry as most of the dropshipping suppliers do provide a feature called 'Request sourcing' where you can request the supplier company to find and source the product for you. You can share the AliExpress product link with the dropshipping supplier and they should be able to find it for you.

2. Delivery times

One of the biggest reasons for success in the dropshipping world is the shipping time along with the product and niche you pick. Customers want to have the product delivered as soon as possible and the expectations keep rising day by day.

It's important that you ask the dropshipping supplier about their standard delivery timelines to the countries you want to ship to along with the shipping costs per unit.

In some cases, you might find that a dropshipping supplier has a very good shipping time but the shipping cost is too high to be able to make a profit. It's important that you find a dropshipping supplier company that balances out both these elements - Shipping time and costs.

Pro Tip:

Ask your dropshipping supplier for a few tracking numbers from their latest orders to validate the shipping times they are claiming.

You can check the status of any tracking number here

17Track - Track any Shipment

3. Product Quality

You might be doing everything right in your dropshipping journey but one thing that can bring your entire business down is the product quality. I cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain a high product quality.

End of the day, customers don't want to buy something mediocre online and wait for several days just to end up realizing they bought a crappy product.

Before you ship any orders to your customers, make sure to order a sample from your dropshipping supplier and check for it's quality. Is this something you would be happy with if bought online? If the answer is yes, you can proceed with that product and the dropshipping supplier.

4. Legality

It's very easy to get diverted and not think of any legal consequences during your dropshipping product research. It's critical to check every product from a legal perspective to ensure you are not infringing any copyright/trademark policies before you list the product for sale on your dropshipping store.

Branded Dropshipping Products on AliExpress

I'd strongly recommend not to touch any branded product whatsoever unless you have a written agreement from the brand itself. I've seen many sellers getting sued for selling branded products without the required permissions.

5. Product Pricing

Last but not the least, you want your dropshipping business to be profitable which is why you started your dropshipping store in the first place. To ensure you stay profitable, you need to find products that can be marked up at 2x or 3x + shipping price to ensure you have a healthy profit margin also considering the marketing costs.

Let's say you found a product on dropshipping supplier website for 19.99$. You can mark it up on your dropshipping store and sell it for at least 39.99$ to have enough room for hosting (Shopify) and marketing (Facebook, Google or YouTube Ads) costs.  

You can either add the shipping costs in the product price itself or charge it additionally.

Dropshipping Product Pricing Example

Product Sourcing Price - 19.99$
Product Selling Price - 39.99$
Shipping Cost - 4.99$
Conversion Cost - 3.99$

Total Cost - 44.99 (Incl additional shipping charge of 4.99$ to customer)

Profit per Unit sold - 21$

I hope you found this article helpful and would be looking forward to your comments below along with any feedback!

Happy Dropshipping!!



Experienced dropshipper with significant success and valuable failures! Here to share all my expensive dropshipping learnings, experiences and fun facts. I'll be dropping value packs here every week!

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