The Complete Guide to CJ Dropshipping 2021

CJ Dropshipping May 28, 2021

CJ Dropshipping is one of the biggest names in the dropshipping market, right after Aliexpress. Founded in 2014, CJ Dropshipping is headquartered in China and it fulfills orders from over 297,833 sellers from around the world.

It provides sellers with a one-stop solution for dropshipping with its own warehouses, free product sources, product photography, custom packaging, priority support, and faster shipping time.

But is it good enough for you to kickstart your own dropshipping business? Let’s find out:

What is CJ Dropshipping?

CJ Dropshipping is an all-in-one dropshipping platform that handles everything from product sourcing to order processing, shipping fulfillment, and even order disputes.

The dropshipping website was initially started as just a jewelry e-commerce website by founder Andy Chou. When one of their jewelry items, a cross necklace pendant, became massively popular online, the company decided to expand and launched its dropshipping platform.

One of the main factors that make CJ Dropshipping stand apart is its no upfront fee approach. There are no setup costs, no minimum order, no monthly subscription or storage fee. You only pay for the products that you dropship to your customers.

While CJ Dropshipping is often compared to Aliexpress, there is a fundamental difference between the two. Aliexpress is a retail platform and vendors can build their store on Aliexpress in order to sell to customers worldwide.

To sell their dropshipped products on their own store, sellers have to connect their online store to their Aliexpress account with an extension like Oberlo.

Now CJ Dropshopping is like a combination of both Aliexpress and Oberlo. It allows sellers to import product data directly from CJ to their own online ecommerce store and take orders.

How does CJ Dropshipping work?

CJ Dropshipping works on one straightforward principle – You sell the products it sources for you and then also ships them to your customers.

Here is how CJ Dropshipping handles the entire process:

  1. CJ sources all the products for you from different manufacturers. You can post sourcing requests for different products, and they will ensure to find suitable products from the right suppliers. This also implies that even if the item you need is currently unavailable in CJ’s catalog, you can add a request for them to be added.
  2. With CJ, you do not have to stock up on any items in order to create your own inventory. CJ is responsible for keeping everything you wish to sell in their warehouses worldwide. Dropshippers can purchase all the stock in advance from any country where CJ’s warehouses are located which can significantly shorten the delivery time, too.
  3. Every single item goes through a top-to-bottom quality check by CJ’s quality experts before they are shipped.
  4. CJ Dropshipping has a dedicated app, integrating several eCommerce platforms that help you streamline inventory management
  5. CJ ships all the orders to your customer’s door. It also offers same-day order processing, and CJ packet deliveries, which are sent out in just four days.

Top Features of CJ Dropshipping

Product Catalog

CJ Dropshipping has a robust catalog of more than 400,00 items. Its supplier base covers a quarter of the entire global dropshipping market. So, it would be right to say that CJ gives you a comprehensive list to choose from.

Their platform has merchandise from manufacturers around the world, across all the categories, including:

  • Motorcycles and automobile
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Toys, baby, and kids
  • Phones and its accessories
  • Consumer electronics
  • Office and computer
  • Watches and jewelry
  • Shoes and bags
  • Health, hair, and beauty
  • Women and men clothing
  • Home, furniture, and garden

With CJ, you can also bundle product SKUs to create bundles of your products once you have decided which products you want to dropship.

Product Videos and Images

Putting up product images and videos is incredibly important for e-commerce stores, especially because customers have no way to physically check the products before buying.

The major challenge that dropshippers often face is not having enough product media to put on their website. CJ Dropshipping has a wide library of professional product media that you can leverage for free.

At an additional cost, you get access to CJ Dropshipping’s visual creation services in order to customize product images and videos specifically for your store.

Custom and Personalized Packaging

Offering custom packaging with your store’s own branding allows you to improve brand awareness and connect better with customers. The dropshipping service provides types of packaging options: pre-designed packaging and custom packaging.

The pre-designed packaging option allows you to choose your brand’s packaging from the existing options available which can include different materials including sustainable packaging. You can also add tags and stickers to your packaging.

With the custom packaging option, you can get in touch with a CJ agent in order to add your own customized logo. The agent assigned to you can also help you in finalizing the sizing and positioning of your brand’s logo on the packaging.

CJ also offers over a thousand varieties of print-on-demand or POD products. These products are entirely customizable, and you can add a personal touch to them either for your brand or you can encourage customers to place orders for personalized products.

Print-on-demand, also known as POD, is a feature that is available to all dropshippers on CJ Dropshipping. However, you can only apply it to specific products and not all of them.

The products are classified into 13 different categories, namely: phones & accessories; sport & outdoors; bag & shoes; home improvement; baby and kids; watches and jewelry; consumer electronics; men’s and women’s clothing; garden and home; office; hair and beauty; motorcycles and automobiles; health; computer; and toys.

Clicking on the Start design button enables you to start your own POD design for a product.

You can upload any photo that is larger than 1000x1000 pixels or your brand’s logo and select the product specifications as well as the shipping details. You can also customize your text and add it to some of the products. In the last step, you see the product’s mockup.

After saving your design and details, you can see your custom design in ‘my CJ’ – Print on Demand – Design by Myself section. You can either list this particular product on your Shopify store or directly order it from this list.

Though, do not forget to enable the POD feature on the authorization page. Your customers can also create their designs for these POD products. Here is how your customers can do it for themselves.

Quality Check and Control

Every item is carefully checked and examined by CJ Dropshipping at no additional cost before the products are shipped out to your customers. However, a small charge is involved for the quality check if you choose to ship the products from one of their many supplier partners, and not directly from their own warehouses.


CJ Dropshipping has some solid integrations with numerous e-commerce applications, including:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • eBay
  • ShipStation
  • Shopee
  • Lazada

They also have an API that allows you to create your own integrations and connect your CJ account with various other stores and third-party applications.

In case you want to connect your Amazon and Etsy accounts to your CJ Dropshipping account, you can do that through API integration.

Order Fulfillment and Management

All order fulfillment and shipping are independently managed by CJ Dropshipping. As a dropshipper, all you have to do is place the order for your dropshipped products, and CJ will handle everything for you from there.

They also share tracking details to enable your customers to track their own orders directly.

With CJ, you have extra control over the tracking process. You have the choice to split or combine orders in order to cut down on the delivery charges. You can do this by telling CJ to ship items of the same order together in a single package, as even customers prefer receiving all the items together.

Adding to that, combined deliveries are also good for the planet since it saves on packing materials.

Source Products on CJ Dropshipping

Dropshippers can request for a certain product to be made available on CJ Dropshipping in order to source anything of their choice.

For instance, say you want a product but cannot find it on CJ Dropshipping. However, upon visiting Ali Express, you see that the product is available there. If you want to dropship exclusively through CJ Dropshipping only, you can use the source request feature by CJ to request for that particular product to be available.

CJ users can drop a request to source products from Shopify, Ali Express, 1688, and Taobao. However, the users have only a limited number of sourcing requests every day.

When CJ Dropshipping receives a product sourcing request, they start to look for manufacturers who have this particular item and can produce it for CJ at a competitive rate. The company’s partnership with over 200 factories helps them achieve this pretty easily.

Although initially, new CJ Dropshipping users can only make up to five product requests in a day. But as your account grows and your revenue grows, your source requests will increase to 10,20, 50 or even more.

Shipping Methods With CJ Dropshipping

The shipping methods provided by CJ Dropshipping include DHL, ePacket, USPS, and more. Their own delivery service is also effectively known as CJ Packet.

Now, CJ Packet is a type of shipping method, which works as a substitute for ePacket shipping. It is recommended by CJ Dropshipping as it ensures faster shipping of the products.

CJ provides you with a tracking number that looks something like CJPJC8390056780YQ. All the CJ Packet tracking numbers can be traced and they are accepted by Shopify, eBay, and other similar platforms.

The CJ Dropshipping page for order information allows you to check your parcel’s location anytime. There are several different variations offered by CJ’s shipping service for different shipping methods and destinations including  CJ Packet Fast Line, CJPacket Euro, CJPacket YW Sensitive, and CJ Packet Sensitive GB.

Payment Methods available on CJ Dropshipping

You don’t have to pay anything to start using CJ Dropshipping. You can create an account, review the product catalog, and connect it to your online store directly.

You only pay for products when a customer places an order and you in turn place the order of the same products on your CJ account. The product price set by you minus the price of the item on CJ Dropshipping and shipping fee is your main profit.

You might even have to pay additional charges for custom dropshipping or print-on-demand products. CJ Dropshipping offers international modes of payment including CJ Wallet, PayPal, Payoneer, credit card/ debit card, WesternUnion, and bank wire transfer

Pros and Cons of CJ Dropshipping

Let us look at the pros and cons of CJ Dropshipping quickly to understand the platform better –

CJ Dropshipping Pros

  • CJ offers a mobile application version to make it easier for sellers to import products and get updates about the trending products while on the move
  • You can immediately start selling with CJ Dropshipping for free
  • CJ has a product catalog of over 215,000 products
  • Over a thousand products can be print on demand with customizations
  • Customized product packaging available to make your brand stand out
  • It also offers a Google Chrome extension for ease of use
  • All items go through a quality check to ensure that customers only receive only top-quality products.
  • Global warehousing helps you extend your online store’s reach with fast shipping
  • CJ has reliable courier partners and also has its very own shipping method: CJ Packet, which is faster than other delivery methods.
  • It offers an all-inclusive service, covering all sourcing to shipment dropshipping process steps.
  • You get assigned your own CJ agent who can help you with setup, sourcing, customization, and other things

CJ Dropshipping Cons

  • Some content on CJ’s website is tough to understand since it is not written in basic native English and auto translations are not always accurate
  • Finding sub-pages about costs and features requires some digging
  • CJ’s user interface is a little challenging and cluttered when compared to other dropshipping services
  • Warehousing and processing fees are involved if you are selling products in the US while the warehouses are out of the US

Final words

While CJ Dropshipping is clearly not as big as Ali Express in terms of product volume, it helps fill the gaps that Ali Express leaves.

As an all-in-one dropshipping service CJ Dropshipping offers customizable packaging, print-on-demand service for certain products, dedicated agents to help you, and worldwide packaging. Most importantly, you don’t need to pay anything to start dropshipping with CJ.

All in all, CJ Dropshipping is a good place for dropshipping beginners to start their business with no upfront costs or investments.



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